“Volunteers” seems like such an inadequate term. You are really our do-it-all, super-hero, mind-boggling miracle workers.

We really, couldn’t do it without your support!

It takes a lot of big hearts and willing hands to keep up with so many vibrant, excited, deserving campers. Our volunteers support Presbytery Point through both people-power and cost savings.

Each year, we rely on the support of a diverse group of volunteers at camp and in our summer season and off season. So no matter what your experience or skills, if you have a passion for helping our mission, we’ll work to find a way for you to join in. We have an array of volunteer jobs that range from working outside on our beautiful grounds, helping in the kitchen, cleaning up after meals, serving as a counselor to a cabin full of adoring campers, and of course offering support and encouragement at all of our camp activities. Each year we look for volunteer nurses & EMT’s, arts and crafts leaders, field activity leaders, kitchen helpers, camp grandma’s and grandpa’s, and individuals who have a talent or teachable moment in their back pockets.