Presbytery Point Packing List

Unnecessary Items

To avoid the loss of valuable items, we request that the following items remain at home: cell phones, video games, computers, portable music devices and other expensive electronics. We will collect all of the previously listed items upon your camper’s arrival. In particular, cell phones are not permitted at camp as we believe it distracts from our independent environment. We cannot guarantee any of these items' safekeeping and will not replace them if lost.

Electronic book readers such as the Kindle or Nook will be allowed provided they do not have the capabilities to access the internet, in other words they do not have Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connections. Any food, candy and electronic devices will be collected upon arrival, as we do not allow these items in the cabins. We have found that campers do not need more items than what is listed on the packing list.

Sun-Sat Session

Water Bottle

7 pairs of underwear

7 pairs of socks

3 pairs of long pants

1 pair of tennis shoes/close toed shoes

1 pair of beach shoes (flip flops, Chaco’s, Teva’s, etc…)

6 T-Shirts & 3 Long Sleeve Shirts

2 Sweatshirts and/or Hoodies

Friday Night Banquet outfit

1 towel and face cloth

Pajama Pants and/or sweat pants

Sleeping Bag, Twin Sized Sheets, & Pillow

Toiletries & Lip Balm

Shower caddy – *we recommend small plastic basket with drainage or a beach pail

Day Pack


Insect Repellent



Optional (but encouraged!)

Money for Camp Store

Musical Instruments

Journals and Pencils

Rain Jackets (Strongly Recommended)