Sometimes it’s the simple things that make camp run smoothly. We always need supplies, materials, and other items to ensure that our campers and guests have the best possible experiences. Your donation of in-kind products is greatly appreciated.

Summer 2019 Wishlist


Rescue Board

Fox 40 Lifeguard Whistles

Fins & Water masks for emergency deep water search drills

Sunscreen/SPF - Gallon Jugs

Bug Spray (up to 50 bottles)

Kayaks & Kayak Paddles

Canoe Paddles

Waterfront line with floats

Portable camp chairs / beach chairs

Carabiners for swim buoys

Turf or outdoor carpet to cover top of new raft

Red fanny packs / bum bags for lifeguards

Kitchen Supplies

Small, medium and large metal spatulas

Small, medium and large Rubbermaid spatulas

Small, medium and large spoon-shaped spatulas

Bibbed cook’s aprons

Heavy-duty hot pads

Heavy-duty rubber gloves (all sizes)

Clear, 2 qt. Rubbermaid pitchers with covers

Clear, 1 gal. Rubbermaid pitchers with covers

Anti-fatigue kitchen floor mats

Professional food thermometers

Program Supplies (Misc)

Walkie Talkies

Costumes (New or gently used)

Large & Small Waterproof Tarps

Basketballs, volleyballs, kickballs

Disc Golf (disks and baskets)

Soft touch foam balls (for gaga & team building games)


Bulk Snacks (allergen free preferably ie. nut free!)

Arts & Crafts Supplies

White cotton t-shirts of all sizes

Tie Dye Kits

Friendship Bracelet String

Hemp String

Muffin Tins for sorting out beads

Multi Colored Duct Tape

Mac Lodge Supplies

Toiletries for guest use (travel size is best!)

Cleaning Supplies (Multipurpose cleaners, bathroom cleaner, etc.)

Bagless Vacuum

Winter Supplies

18+ Local Winter Caretaker (Please call camp for more info)


Roof Rake


Water Softener Salt Pellets